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Hey folks!

First off, I am glad to see the excitement around the Rancor. I know I have been eager to show everyone what they could expect from our Season 1 rewards!

One of the things I have seen mentioned a few times on the forums since we announced the rewards is that 1500 is too low of a rating for Tier 1. I wanted to let you know that our rewards tiers are based 100% on data, according to the highest earned ratings of our Ranked players. Currently less than 5% of our entire Ranked playerbase is 1500 or above. So although the number may seem low, very few players across all servers have actually attained it!

All the more reason to hop on and work on getting that rank yourself

The other 95% doesnt even play the game anymore..

Also, the current rank 1 team just unsubbed from the game, have fun getting that spot guys.. or you know, just stop at 1500 rating.
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