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Obviously the details I was able to give about gearing was a very detailed analysis based off the specific specs and their relationship with the different stats. Without performing the same level of analysis, I couldn't confidently give you the same opinion I am able to for the specs I have researched.

That being said, I see no reason why the hybrids wouldn't fall in a similar gearing pattern as they would with full TK and full Balance - as prior to 2.0, the hybrids fell inbetween the two in terms of gearing. Given that they are so similar now, I would think that hybrid would also gear similarly.
Since Hybrid doesn't pick up Sever Force (30% surge from Mental Scarring), Surge should be very slightly better than it is for full Balance due to its additive nature... so the difference between 6 accuracy/4 surge and 6 accuracy/3 surge/1 alacrity should be barely measurable, I guess.
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