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Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
I don't think you're playing your Mara well. Marauder is better than Juggernaut.

  • Are you not stealthing out and healing to full? Use Force Camouflage.
  • Force Crush makes you immune to stuns, roots, slows, and knockbacks for 6s.
  • You have super speed for your whole raid every 30s via Predation.
  • You have Cloak of Pain which gives you 20% DR and deals damage back to the attacker (up to 30s duration).
  • You have a raid buff called Bloodthirst.
  • You have Undying Rage which makes you immune to damage (99% of it) for 4s.
  • You have Obfuscate for single targets that makes them miss all their attacks.
  • You have Crippling Slash that reduces healing and slows the target.

What does jugg have? ED, a crappy reflect, saber ward (which maras have too), force push, and endure pain?

Marauder takes more skill to master, Juggernaut is kind of braindead.
Exactly, juggs have literally nothing besides ED. Their Passive DR is completely surpassed by mara just by pressing Cloak of Pain. Endure Pain in Vengeance is a bit of a DCD but not much. Dash and Ward - mara has that too. Reflect is nice but it doesn't protect you against white melee attacks at all, at best you buy yourself 3-4 seconds of time when people stop hitting you.

That's literally it. They have no CC immunity like Fury, they have no stealth out, they have no total DMG immunity, and no accuracy debuff they have no healing debuffs to fight heal classes, their DCDs are also painfully obvious: for example, Shield symbol for Vengeance - once it ends, it's like screaming "stun me now!".

They can just heal to full one time and then die.