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I don't think you're playing your Mara well. Marauder is better than Juggernaut.

  • Are you not stealthing out and healing to full? Use Force Camouflage.
  • Force Crush makes you immune to stuns, roots, slows, and knockbacks for 6s.
  • You have super speed for your whole raid every 30s via Predation.
  • You have Cloak of Pain which gives you 20% DR and deals damage back to the attacker (up to 30s duration).
  • You have a raid buff called Bloodthirst.
  • You have Undying Rage which makes you immune to damage (99% of it) for 4s.
  • You have Obfuscate for single targets that makes them miss all their attacks.
  • You have Crippling Slash that reduces healing and slows the target.

What does jugg have? ED, a crappy reflect, saber ward (which maras have too), force push, and endure pain?

Marauder takes more skill to master, Juggernaut is kind of braindead.
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