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I know classes are mirrors from pub to imp, I just dont know the names of the mirror specs. That was what I meant when I said I don't know about guardian.

Again, you keep saying to learn my class, as if I dont know how to use every single ability at my disposal... trust me I do. Thats not whats at question. Even some of the best marauders on star forge are abandoning their maras, due to it being left in the dust, in comparison to other classes IN ONSLAUGHT.

Another thing, I actually tested my theory on rage jugg and fury mara being the exact same amount of dmg. Not only do they have the exact same rotation, with the exact same abilities (that also do the same damage) but jugg have more survivability. This is all related to PvP dps, not PvE. If you like, do the research I did. Look at the damage on the tooltip of furious strike on a jugg at item rating 258 (about 15000-16500) and compare to a mara's furious strike at item.rating 258 (the same numbers). Hence my issue with jugg dps and mara dps. Same abilities, same damage, minus ED which is god mode in pvp. The only thing to do against ED is notice it fast and cc them with all you got... for 12 seconds.

Someone memtioned annhialation as very high dps in the PTS. Is that parsing in PvE or PvP? DoT do well of you arent in a hurry, but in PvP as a mara, you usually need to kill quick due to lack of survivability.