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The classes are exact mirrors - I am simply using the terminology I know best.

If you are being out dps by a rage juggie as a fury mara, you're doing something wrong.

Your protest seems to be FD, because outside of that, mara has the same or superior tools. We both have ward. Guardians have reflect and enure, but maras have guarded by the force and rebuke. And maras have force camo in addition.

In terms of staying on target, rage and fury both have the second leap and mad dash, but maras also have transcendence. Learn to use these tools

You want to prove to me you're high level in PvP prove it. What have you actually managed to do? I've got screenshots showing what I've done all over this forum, and spent time as probably the most hated guardian on SS back when I was guild leading there. Who I am and what I have done is no big secret.

I'm not on PTS so I'm not going to speak to the onslaught changes just yet.