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Thank you for your reply.

I cant speak to pub classes or specs. I am only knowledgeable with sith classes, specs, and abilities.

A jug,g in rage spec, can out dps a marauder. Maybe this isnt something guardians can do, but juggs absolutely do. Ask any sith pvp player who is well versed in the ranked or even reg community.

My quarrel is with the fact that a pure dps class, like my marauder, is even remotely similar or less effective in dps as a class that has tank defensive cooldowns. Such as ED and others.

I can understand that rage is a dps spec and should pull good dps, but take away ED or something to make it balanced. No reason for a class to have the best of both worlds.

Just to clarify, I know marauder in and out. I play at a high level in pvp. Im just talking about how we will be left in the dirt come Onslaught. Every class is getting really good defensive or offensive or even both buffed. Marauder is barely getting a buff.

I intend to do my best to work with what Onslaught makes my marauder out to be, just as I have up to date.
Just going to say it now, guardian and jug, senntinel and marauder are mirrored classes - aka they do the exact same dps and have the exact same abiltites just named diffrent (outside of bugs which caused certain abiltites to do more damage. which have happend in the past with certain mirrored classes, but those aren't present right now)

And on pts (which I suggest you try out rn) ahni is doing ALOT of damage, not really checked the other 2 specs, but I really suggest you hop on, and try it.

(also fury out dps's rage by a lot.)