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I find it weird that Star Wars in general always a hard time with games. The IP's track history, with a few exceptions, always had rocky times. You would think with the plethora of source material ranging from canon, EU/Legends, and Disney that it would produce "GOLD" but sadly it doesn't. Companies always seem to be either out of touch with the lore or out of touch with the fans. Companies want to make money. Investors want their return as fast as possible. This supersedes everything else. Will we ever get a good Star Wars game? Is it so hard? If it were any other franchise and done by a start up/independent company, I'd say there's a good chance. However, this is the hand we're dealt.
They once had a working formula at LucasArts, and the studios they licensed out to later on.

Dark Forces, dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, X-Wing, TIE fighter, X-Wing vs TIE fighter, X-Wing Alliance.

All of these were very well received. Kotor was the biggest Star Wars game of them all is well. The Force Unleashed also gets a lot of good recognition. And I know there are some others that I am missing. Even Star Wars racer was a lot of fun despite some limitations and issues.

So it is entirely possible. I think the issue comes in when the developers aren't trying to make a good Star Wars game but instead are trying to say, compete with wow or in the case of Force Commander just half-assing it or perhaps Under Pressure to put out something that isn't ready.

I think if nothing else, Star Wars suffers from what a lot of video games suffer from now:

Mega publishers who have tight schedules and demand games be released on certain dates. Gone are the days of a small Studio working on the game and when it's ready it's ready and then they announced it. The only Studios who have that luxury now are ID and CD projekt Red. Everywhere else is a slave to the bean counters which is why video games as an art form have tanked and become very copycat.