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For the character's personal use, Biochem will benefit the char most, because the reusable stims, adrenals and medpacks basically become additional cooldowns.

If reusable grenades see a return, as was hinted at, then Cybertech will be a close second for PVP chars. Never underestimate the value of an extra AOE stun.

For the player's personal crafting (not neccesarily on the main char), without access to tons of exotic mats, Bio, Cyber, and Artifice are good choices. (Consumables for your other chars, dyes and color crystals, and the occasional stand-in Implant/Ear/Relic you can use until you get a better drop from command crates)

Next is Synthweaving which will provide all the crit /alacrity augments and augment kits you need, as well as some nice old-school gear, while sharing the mats with your artificer, followed by Armormech, which provides tanking augments and armors (duh) and shares mats with your cybertech.

That leaves Armstech on the last place. It makes accuracy augments, but offers little else. Most of the old modifiable weapons are no longer available for training on new chars, the new weapons are static ones that are quickly replaced by others, and barrels for alts are dime a dozen once you have a tech char at level 70.
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