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Enlightenment isnt what it is in game, no, it's a new level of power entirely.

Doesn't mean we have to discuss Corran Horn, Tutaminis is a relatively unknown feat, we don't know how much power you need to perform it, but we know Force Sever takes massive energy, which is why it's a bonus for Surik.

As for the Malachor thing, the Triumvirate weren't negatively affected. Thing is, Sion wasn't overly powerful just a great Duelist, wheras Surik was a fantastic duelist.

Traya was on top of Surik in terms of force ability, but she couldn't use Force Drain. Surik kept her on the defensive using her superior Saber Skills, but couldnt attack with the Force because she didn't want to Kill Traya, instead, she severed her from the force, so basically... She out Dueled Traya, that's it.

At least, that's how I saw it.
Tutaminis is the reason why we have put people like Revan and Sateele on even footing with Saba for Control to begin with because its understood you need about equal power to the enemy to use it. Corran Horns displays of Tutaminis easily outstrip even Revan, but he cant TK at all because thats just his natural enemy. Saba is stronger then he is, my point is Natural Talents ARENT indicative of the Force Users power as abilities they are Naturally better with generally go above and beyond their USUAL level of skill and power.

The other problem is if Surik was able to beat both of these people being powered by the most powerful Dark side Nexus where she was feeling the Nauseating effects of and able to win in that condition and yet still lose to Nyriss on LESS powerful Nexus where she was feeling the Effects far LESS then there is no reason what so ever to conclude that Nyriss isnt straight more powerful then her, Nor is there any reason to conclude that every member of the Dark Council is in fact more powerful then any member of the Triumviate baring MAYBE Nyhlis. Traya has Force Lightning, she has Force Speed and she has Force Valor and the ability to augment herself Physically. If she was pulling on that Nexus and is as powerful as you guys claim while Meetra was Nauseous from it then she should have easily beaten Meetra in the same way Nyriss did. As it stands i see NO reason what so ever to conclude she was stronger in KoToR II then she was when she faced Nyriss. In fact it sounds to reverse that she was in a worse state when she faced Traya then when she faced Nyriss.