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Two, our plan is to continue to add servers - but carefully, and in response to demand. We need to monitor that demand and role out servers accordingly. A long-term recipe for MMO failure is to add a lot of servers early on, and then when population decreases, have to close those servers and merge them together.

So basally you want to same money by not launch enough servers, by achieve this goal, you purchase the minimum amount of server and letting fewest player on one at a time, to see when are the servers are full, only by then you will add servers.

If in the process, you screw half of your customer don't matter yes? As long as you are making a profit that's Winning I guess.

This is not the Bioware that I remembered, this will be the last game I will ever purchase from you guys, if I know this is how you will behave from day 1 I would have not follow this game, I just feel like I am being massively trolled but yet I can't quit because I have invested too much of my energy into this.