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Boss targets have 10% Defense. They have zero intrinsic Force Resistance, which is what Accuracy would negate on Force effects. Since we don't use melee attacks, Accuracy does nothing for us against them.

Side note: Accuracy does not and never had provided armor penetration. That was a rumor that started during Beta when someone misinterpreted the tooltip stating that Accuracy past the cap "reduces the target's Defense". They assumed that "defense" meant armor, and without any data otherwise (and very few people having access to the Beta at that time to confirm it, it still being under closed beta and NDA), this was taken as true. As the weekend betas started, we demonstrated this rumor false.

Accuracy past the cap reduces the target's effective Defense (against Melee and Ranged attacks) and Resistance (against Force and Tech attacks). Boss mobs have 10% Defense and 0% Resistance. Player targets have a base 5% Defense (except Inquisitors, which have 10%), plus any additional from skills, abilities, or gear, and 0% Resistance. There are 3 effects that I am aware of that can provide players with Resistance, however: Premonition (T3 Darkness Assassion), Scouting (T2 Concealment Operative), and the PvE Powertech 2-set tanking bonus (and their Republic mirrors, obviously). All 3 of these effects provide 2% Force and Tech resist, but none of them are common enough or large enough magnitude to gear for.
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