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i was wondering which game file you are talking about when you quote percentages.
also the basic and special damage you mentioned quite a while ago. you had said tech damage is all special skills and the special skills are all of them except the basic one (ie. hammer shot).
i just wanted to look at these numbers and details for myself. not that i don't believe you. just wondering if i can find anything new for my class: knight, guardian / trooper, commando
The details are contained in the following files in your Assets folder:


The special versus basic attacks were derived via testing, though they are also explicitly stated in the details of each ability. The files explicitly state the constants for each stat (including the percentage cap), but we had to derive the equation ourselves (it's never yet been off by even a single decimal place, though).

You can access and view the contents of the above files using a program called Nodeviewer, accessible in this post. It does have a bit of a learning curve, though.
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