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Hi, first and foremost, I want to say thanks for the awesome thread. Great stuff!

If I might suggest - you should add a grid to the graphics, that would in my opinion make it easier to read.

One more thing - I was wondering, how would you guys compare willpower vs expertise for PvP only purpose of course. Would you rather have 1700 willpower and 1000 expertise or 1500 willpower and 1200 expertise. What would you say is more useful in terms of damage? I am talking 31 Madness sorc.
It's tough to directly compare them. From a raw DPS perspective, Willpower is superior to Expertise once you have around 200-300 Expertise, so that doesn't help much, as PvPers also take it for the defensive benefits. When the patch initially dropped, I did a rough estimate based on the percentage-of-cap used at the value the community had settled on for the previous "enough" level for Expertise (500 rating), which would imply that past around 1000 expertise rating you'd be better off stacking other stats. However, this is a really wide estimate, with a couple questionable assumptions, so take it with a grain (or two or three) of salt. PvP is unfortunately significantly tougher to theorycraft than PvE.
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