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Now folks... you know this is a game, right?
Some people just come in a game for having fun, not to read hours (yes hours 'cause not everyone in the world knows English) of "manuals" that for sure will be useful but will just eat up time that people may be more interested in spending playing the game. Some people have not even the time to get here on the forums... lol
In my opinion the "Training Scenario" has enough to read already and that's all a player needs to know about how to build up the things matching with his/her play-stile.
Indeed, not everyone has the time or will to do it, but that's not the problem. The problem are those that don't read and don't practice, but come here acting like they know everything and are godlike pilots.

What this GSF thing needs is a full review by devs and the thing is cristalline-clear in every single post of these forums. A coop-training scenario will do every trick and be quite more fun (that will be wonderful indeed).
So great work on the "Bible" guys and thankyou! But don't pretend that everyone has the will, the time and the need to read/study/memorize anything about any game.
Agreed, we've been asking for a good tutorial probably since the launch, but there still isn't one.
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