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Amen to this. I've player GSF once , only once on 1 character. And was totally lost, had no clue how to do anything, and had no real way even within the tutorials to explain/understand how to do things within GSF. Maybe I'm just blind, but being the IRL son of a High School English teacher, I can read, I can follow instructions, & I can listen to others trying to help via chat.
But this was a major, complete, total & utter disappointment. Pancho was being nice when he said "Nice Try" , this was not even a Nice Try. It is a dismal failure. Here is hoping for it to be fixed , fast.
You tried a complex PvP game once, did poorly, and did not try again. No surprises here, I got spanked my first warzone too (in every game I ever played) so whats the issue here? I am really sick of people who admittedly don't know ANYTHING about this game, who come here and don't even try, then cry about how the game is broken and bad.

The problem isn't the game its your attitude, expecting to invest 0 time into something and get some sort of result. Like most things in life this game takes time to learn and experience to get good at. If you refuse to do these things then video games are not for you (maybe 1 player kiddie games but def not PvP)

As a new player some games will be ok, some will be brutal. You play for the good games, you play to earn req and gear your ships, you play to get better. This is not freelancer or any other space combat game, its GSF and it is competitive and fun. Id love to see more people get into it but most people expect their 1 player space sim experience to translate into instant ownage. Sadly this is not the case, this game is different but it is also very fun.
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