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All your spaces are belong to The Republic.
Just want to say that I play Galactic Star fighter, solo queue only and the ship I use is FT-6 Pike. Before the
patch the Pike is out speeded, out gunned, out armoured and now with the new patch its evan worst. Why can't
you just evan out the playing field for solo player damit. Give the strike fighter the ability to fight back at least jesus.
Give us ion cannon with range of 7000m that do high damage to shield and hull not just shield, scout pick us of like flies, can match there speed and gun, gun ship well 2 shot and were dead, bombers unload all blaster power and missle and there still alive (huge armour). For f... sakes not all player like to play in a premade or in a group!!! WHY FORCE US? we pay subscriptions like everyone else.