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I found this thread after I started a new character after being gone for awhile. I didn't want to miss anything so I took it by the numbers noticing that the older areas are all level-capped now. No more one-shotting silver and gold mobs as a level 60 on a starter planet anymore but given what was said earlier in this thread about leveling while trying to keep the events of the story in order, with the level caps in place EXP doesn't die off like it used to. This means I can now stick around on one planet for a long time and do everything there is to do before moving on AND keep the level grind going at a decent pace while doing it!
Anyway, before I digress any further I just wanted to say that someone linked a graphic on Reddit that seems to have the story progression for both the Republic and the Empire all the way through update 5.0. It looks a little like a flow chart to me. There's a note on the right side that says that all bonus series missions can be done anytime after 60. That would explain why the NPCs that start the bonus series were ready to talk to me after taking a newly leveled character to said planet for the first time.
Anyway here's a link to the chart:
Here is how it would look in the format used at the start of this thread (without the references to the bonus series). Compare with the original list in this thread and note the sequence changes and additions. DISCLAIMER: This is not my work! I'm not even saying that this info is correct. I'm only posting it for comparison and discussion.