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I'm looking for a small to medium sized guild that enjoys doing operations frequently. Ideally SM-HM, as I'm burnt out on NiM at the moment and can't commit to a weekly progression team due to travel for work. I've been trying to find a nice group that has fun and is actually a group, not just a massive conquest guild with faceless members. I miss that fun raiding environment.

I am a capable tank, DPS and healer and have multiple characters and classes for each role. I have also been a guild officer and raid leader although I'd definitely like to get to know a guild before I jump into that sort of responsibility again.

Let me know if you think your guild might be a fit, either by PM on here, replying to this threat or messaging one of my characters in game (Nelri, Avrelab, Halkerr, Ja'lira'ver).

Thanks for reading, hope to see you out there
hey there, experienced but flexible players like you are few & far between nowadays, so i'm sure you're gonna get a ton of replies & recruitments. Never-the-less, whenever you have a minute, feel free to check us out here: ....and possibly even here: (since we're in the process of building a NEW 'hardmode progression team' that a player like you just might fit into nicely, depending upon your interest...and patience ) .

Anyways, best of luck either way and feel free to PM me or contact me in-game with any further questions.

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