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11.14.2019 , 09:18 AM | #5
I've organized multiple Dxun PuG runs since 6.0 and it has been wildly successful. My thinking is that without experienced players like me PuGing the new operation, no raiding community will build up and a couple months later, we are in the same spot as with Gods or Queen where no one wants to PuG it.

Yes, the operation is not a walk in the park but it is doable. You need an experienced raid leader who knows the ins and outs of the operation, specifically how to deal with the bugs (bosses not giving loot, bosses resetting mid-fight, a bugged instance requiring a reset) and the main tank and at least one healer should have 306 gear.
Voice comms is a must obviously; I don't take players along that won't join our Teamspeak server. They don't need to have a mic, they just need to be able to listen so I don't have to type in chat.
8-man is easier than 16-man but I've ran both multiple times. I prefer 16-man because I can teach the operation to more players but players prefer 8-man due to less lag and because it's not as hectic.

Yesterday, Dxun was in Group Finder and while I've been doing a 16-man PuG group, I've seen a couple players organizing Dxun GF runs. There were over 15 Dxun instances open yesterday but not sure how many of those were SM or VM.
So, at least speaking for my server Tulak Hord, I cannot echo the sentiment of this thread. Don't complain about the situation, be proactive and do something about it!
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