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a combination of multiple factors but most importantly
  • Lack of players with experiance (who wants to lead)
  • Lack of rewards (compared to similar content)
  • Pugs are terrible at listening to instructions/tactics
  • Herding pugs is annoying due to above, rather herd sheep
  • New people think they know what to do (they don't)
  • People rather run it in guild/friends instead of do pugs

fleet pugs have been infamous since launch, the only reason it's possible to do in old ops is that the number of people who have a basic idea of the boss fights is more than the new players, which is not the case with dxun and gods

it's not a hard operation, in fact, the boss fights are incredibly forgiving on SM and you have a 30s cooldown on combat ress, but fleet pugs are infamous for not paying attention to chat/not understanding instructions/thinking they know what to do. in eu i guess that is partly due to a language barrier but in na i think it's more of a cultural thing

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