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I just did all bosses with my guild and we stil coudn't kill the last one. Other group of guildies killed it, but they had 4 people who already completed it before. while we had only one such person.

Before that, I was in a several pugs, we never managed to beat even 1 boss.

In terms of difficulty this ops is on the same level as Gods, and in some parts even more.

It requires you to actually know what are you doing and know tactics for each boss.

It's also not locked down to 70 level. Which means all gear and all stats actually matters.

Plus it's a new ops, many people haven't learned it yet.

It's also worth noticing that bosses of the op only drop moddable gear. For those not at 306 IR yet. it's not very useful compared to Flashpounts.

Thus pugging it is not very good idea, unless everyone in your pug is a raider, have 306 gear and knows what to do.

Either find a guild that does it or wait for pugs to learn the op and to gear up.

Pro-tip for first boss - do not try to avoid Bull, burn it down.
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