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It's not just their business model, it's a fact of MMOs. I belonged to a multiple MMO guild; they would fire up one depending on content releases, consistently. There are progression raiding guilds that literally do this with every game they play, and they've been at it for longer than there's been a swtor to claim it's somehow some kind of failing with BioWare. By all means, trash 'em when they have it coming, but this? It's a common thing in MMOs, and anyone that's played more than one or two will know it.
People leaving and coming back is a fact of MMOs, of course, but the update structure/schedule/effort in SWTOR is objectively one of the worst, if not the worst of any "story-driven" MMO to date. That's not OK and why other MMOs (like ESO and FFXIV) currently are, and have been, wiping the floor with SWTOR.
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