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Uh if you're talking about a game getting lots of love, I think you've mistaken SWTOR for ESO or FFXIV... because if you take a look at the SWTOR update history, I think it shows quite the opposite. This is objectively one of the least updated modern and active MMOs on the market bud.

Before SWTOR, I played SWG from 2004-2011 when it shut down, so I was mostly used to making my own content since that's the type of game SWG was, which I loved (It wasn't really until Rage of the Wookies and Trials of Obi-Wan that SWG got actual story content updates). Anyway, I've been here with SWTOR since the website and forums opened. If you look, I was the 6389th person to join the forums out of however many millions now. That doesn't mean anything on it's own I know, but I'm just trying to say I've literally been here and active since THE beginning with an active sub from launch to present day.

I say all that to say this: It wasn't until very recently (last few months) when I dove into ESO that I understood what ACTUAL content updates on a regular basis really are. There's a reason why ESO is one of the top MMOs going right now and SWTOR is nowhere close. It's because Zenimax is working their asses off pushing out compelling and thoughtful content while EAWare is going years without the amount of content to match even one ESO DLC (not even expansion... just DLC...). As I've said, I've been a loyal defender of SWTOR for years and years, but honestly, EAWare should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves with how bad other MMO companies with IPs that aren't even 25% as interesting or rich as Star Wars are wiping the floor with them.

TLDR: The phrase "is getting lots of love" and "SWTOR" are like water and oil.
The issue is the core philosophy of BioWare - they are actually OK with people taking a break from the game and just coming back when there is new content. No joke - its their business model.

So unless they ever change that model and try to focus on retention, nothing is going to change. They are actually ok with how things are right now...