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Ok first off, i'm not insulting you, but asking u questions.

Did you ever bother to consider your an easier kill? I play on my assassin alot, and i see some of the same regular names. I know who to go for first because they don't react to what i'm doing and i can just mop the floor with them. You may just be a easy target.

Do you do a ton of damage/healing when your left alone? If you are the pillar of a team, you will me focused more. It comes with the job.

Stealth classes are fine IMO. Maybe you should roll and operative and assassin to understand what they are doing to you so you can counter it accordingly. To understand ones enemy and ones self will win you many more battles than just understanding youself. (para-phrased from sun-tzu)
I am not an easy kill, i dont just simply stand there and attempt to DPS the target I was on before, I switch into, GET THE **** AWAY FROM THE *********** STEALTH CLASS mode. I usually have most of my cooldowns up to get away, and I can sometimes. But usually my health is below 50% while they are still at 100 by the time I am able to respond after the stuns break. Like I said, there is no good reliable counter to any stealth class that stuns you while they are stealthed. Even on my tank, by the time I stand up my health is too low to respond properly to the threat. And I am not going to create a stealth class because it is something I despise in every game I play. Whether it be Halo, TF2, SWTOR or any other game with a stealther in it, I hate them. I can only think of one reliable way to nerf stealth classes, Make it so while they are stealthed, their cooldowns to not come back, because all they have to do is stealth and sit in a corner, then pick out a single target, kill them and repeat. It does nothing to help the objective.