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12.13.2011 , 08:18 AM | #61
Its staggered for a reason, so we all dont log in at the same time in the same zones, doing the same quests, kill stealing etc etc etc

There is reasoning for it.... and its first come first serve, its irrelevant which edition you purchased, some people can afford the deluxe edition, some people will barely be able to afford the subscription, to go down that route is to say only the rich get access pre launch?

you have waited for this game for 2+ Years, I cant even remember the first time i heard about it, was donkeys ago, what harm is waiting another 1-7 days for your access?

I purchased Deluxe, i figured if im going to do it on one game, may as well be for star wars >=D but that being said, I dont even think I will log in until the 23rd, because I cant be bothered to download the game client as it takes all dam night!

typically I am travelling home 23rd and didnt want it being delivered to my house, when I was going to be with my parents for Xmas, so think of yourself as lucky! you still get a good 10 days + on me!