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06.15.2019 , 01:15 AM | #1
So we got a new round of emails for completing Hearts and Minds (and also one more per faction for completing the Dantooine Quest).

I've only completed the Republic side, but from what I remember, we get:

- An email from Tau talking about her face being plastered all over the Republic Fleet.

- A message from Daerun (or Oggurrub if you deliberately messed up) talking about the speech you gave to RNN.

- A message from Bey'wan regarding the Frigate the Imperial defectors stole.

- A message from Koth thanking you if you chose to help him. I'm not sure what happens if you chose not to provide him with those ships.

What about the Empire? Does it make a difference how you treat Bey'wan when he retires?