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The reason why people reroll sin is because it has crazy burst damage.. That's it.

As for marauders, my personal experience so far is that they are kinda meh, pretty much the same as they were before.

The tacticals are totally useless if you ask me with the exception of the one which resets vanish with predation. None of the other tacticals seem to be useful in PVP.

I am playing mara since late 4.0 and my opinion might change with time as I haven't got the time to properly test them in PVP(arenas) . You might be right about the guide though. At the moment I am using amps blind...
Yep most of the tacs are impractical. They had a good idea with fanged god, but they missed their mark with how easy its falls off. The set bonuses for mara as well are just plain trash with the exception of DoTF. Who designs a set that requires us to use force camo, and then mad dash to get a slow and a crit. Thats just an example, but it makes me wonder how well this was thought through and tested