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The meta in 6.0 revolves around tacticals, set bonuses and amplifiers and how well they synergize with a particular spec of class. For example, deception sins have the Death Knell set bonus which is totally bonkers, gives them autocrits on maul and boosts their damage substantially for half a minute.

It's early, but looking at sentinels so far, their best tacticals and set bonuses are on the defensive side, the force camo refresh after transcendence, and the jedi knight tactical of diversion after awe. Great for survivability, not so much for DPS. Descent of the Fearless, I've been told is the best set bonus for DPS, but it pales in comparison to Death Knell.

One thing I will say though, and I do think that it's important is that a big reason why deception sins are so strong right now and why so many players are re-rolling that spec right because they are one of the few classes that have a detailed guide (thanks to Kre'a) on how to play and gear them. So, if you want to play deception sin, you'll quickly find out how to get the most out of that class.

As of now, sentinels/marauders do not have such a guide, so many players are gearing and min-maxing blind, which will make the class seem underpowered compared to other, more "filled-in" classes.
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