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Ok, one thing i noticed is that you have different builds for different situations. you dont need that... is the only merc build you will ever need for healing. the points in Power Shield and Heat Dampening are kinda useless, unless your at a boss that uses lots of knockback. then Power Shield is semi-useful.
I agree with Rambeezy! I would never put a point cure mind for PvE content, because there are no mental debuffs in any operations at the moment (That might change in the future).

The points in powered insulators are not necessarily bad, but I would not prioritize them over points in improved vents. In my playstyle I like to be able to burn up a little more heat on healing before using vent heat. Besides the improved vents also provides an alacrity buff when vent heat is used, which is nice for burst phases.

I normally only run with the first talent tree I have posted in the guide. I have listed some alternative trees to illustrate that the first tree is not necessarily the best in all situations. I have met some merc healers that have found it difficult to use jet boost in their rotation and therefore prefer to use a talent tree like the Q&FP tree, from the guide. The talent tree should reflect your preferred playstyle, but as Rambeezy says from a pure output pow, then the first one I have listed should be the best.
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