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Also, anytime you see credit spam of any kind, please report it in-game. It helps us greatly in being able to track down these accounts to deal with the spam. If needed, keep in mind that you can ignore any chat spam you receive which will stop you from receiving messages from that account.
Will customer support actually start closing spammer report tickets and/or will you change the system that these tickets don't count against the ticket limit? More often than not, I can't submit a ticket for a pressing problem because my ticket queue is clogged with spammer reports (some have been open for many months or even over a year...). Doesn't CS read those tickets, do they just forget to close them or what? The report tickets also aren't closable by the submitter either. Are you going to do anything about it?
Also, it would be nice if we could ignore a spammer globally for all characters on the account so we won't have to do it on all of our 40 characters separately.