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I'm just looking at other peoples opinions and what not. I'm not saying I'm a good slinger or a bad slinger either. I can hold my own in HM/NM raids and what not but I feel like the class isn't in a good spot honestly. We do amazing on a dummy and parse as one of the highest on a dummy but we all know it doesn't tell the true picture until raids. In the raid fights that require a lot of movement or just in itself short phases I noticed that dps drops off drastically by like 1-2k dps, an example being ToS HM Revan. I was raiding with a guildie that was a Vanguard pulling consistant 9k on revan while me and another slinger we're just scrapping by with like 6.5 to 7k dps once **** starts getting hectic. I'm just wondering if any other slingers out here feel that we arent in a good spot atm with the new raids that are so movement heavy. Our skills require us to stand there and channel our hardest hitting attack 'Wounding Shots, etc" but at the same time once we break it early for a mechanic or our window of opportunity to use it closes dps is just hard to recover afterwards.

I'm just looking to see if anyone else feels the same way or thinks they are completely fine the way they are. I understand that its been like that since day 1 with slingers being define as the "stationary turret" and whatnot but with how mechanic and movement heavy most fights are nowadays if we could use a little update.
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