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01.18.2013 , 12:24 AM | #10
Uh. So. This is what I did, and for some reason it worked.

First off I was in windowed, non full-screen mode. I believe this is relatively important actually.

I tried a few times, didn't work, stared at the ugly guy doin his thang for like 10 minutes to no avail. Shut down my computer, it installed a random auto-update, booted it back up and tried again, still didn't work. Pissed, I found this forum, saw a bunch of people had the same issue and so I wrote them an in-game ticket.

Okay, here's the important part. Right after I wrote the ticket, I clicked on the holoterminal and alt-tabbed to my web-browser. You have to be in windowed mode to do this, or else the game freaks out. Not sure if "non full-screen" mode is important though.

I have no idea if I was just lucky, if it was the ticket that I put in, or if it was because I clicked out of the game and wasn't watching the TWO F***ING sentences this freak says for this dialogue (seriously, he says two things and it's over, after a few members of your crew pipe in a sentence or two), or a combination of all of these things. Anyway, try what I did in the order I did it, see if it helps.

The Order:

Click holoterminal - wait a while, it won't work. Restart your comp and the game. Click again, won't work again. Open up a ticket, submit ticket with a valid description. Click the holoterminal, click out of the game, and look at it in a minute or two.

Good luck.