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07.18.2013 , 08:53 PM | #101
I'm went with 11/08/27 build. I can, on occasion top the dps charts and when I queue up with my smasher guardian friend I can keep up with him in terms of dps on a few matches but in all honesty the class is trash. The devs are completely oblivious to what tactics and assault need in order to be viable in competitive pvp. In regs I destroy people but would have my ***** handed to me in a rated match.

I've been playing the class since beta and I've picked up on some tricks. Sad part is if I would put the same effort into playing my guardian or shadow as I do my vanguard I would be doing 10x better.

Tactics is not the great spec people make it out to seem. Why would a melee class that has so much mobility be forced to stop moving and channel a COE? I'll wait.

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