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08.21.2020 , 10:09 PM | #3
The "Field Deployments" we have done for the Trooper guild in our community don't attract a lot of attention. Was looking for some activity or another that would fit well and have appeal for REPUBLIC SPECFORCE, our sister-guild.

The last field deployment went to Voss. We marched single-file through the city after a short briefing, took a shuttle to the lowlands, fought Sith and Imperial troops in a large swath of ruins to gain intel, then went to the Gormak territory in the far northeast of Voss. There's a primitive electrical dam there, and we fought our way inside of it. After rigging one of their contraband bombs to blow, we were extracted. The RP was that Gormak improvised tech kept showing up in Imperial hands; We were there to track it down, and if possible, end the supply.

Events like these seem like they should have bigger appeal - but for some reason don't. Maybe there's something more Trooper-riffic I'm not thinking of? Input is appreciated.

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