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Yours truly is always looking to partner with other events-hosts and to onboard would-be events-hosts. In this thread, I'll update about events of the past weeks and ask for comments / suggestions / improvements to make them better, based on shared experience. In addition, if anyone is looking to partner for larger events, yours truly is also typically amiable.

There were 20 guild events that yours truly was personally able to attend between 27JUN2020 and 05JUL2020. In this thread, I'll highlight some of what we do, and then ask for suggestions / improvements. If you're looking for Master Ahlvis's Adventures Chronicle for the JEDl guild community, check out some fun reading at:

EVENT TYPE ONE: Role-In-Need Stand-Alone Roleplay Events
The first setting chosen was the Tythonian highlands. These are location-based, sometimes incorporating the location into the Roleplay that takes place.

A relatively new type of event that yours truly will be pioneering this this - my 12th term on the Council - to see what it's draw is. Ideally hosted along with another event or near to the weekly ceremonies and weekend prime-time slots, I host RP scenarios with volunteers in front of witnesses to see how they play out a certain given scenario - some comedic and some dramatic. Will usually be setting a limit of three rounds to this per event, in order to keep time under 45 minutes. Any suggestions for RP scenarios two to four people can act out in ten minutes' time are always appreciated! More info to be found about this one - including the suggestions thread - at this thread:

EVENT TYPE TWO: Weekly Jedi Initiation Ceremony
Each School uses their class's powers to create a visual display, during their mention in the ceremony's opening.

These are a basic requirement of ranking up within our community's primary guild. It's typically the single largest gathering of our Jedi during the course of the week, an is intended to wow new members with the size of some of our events. First, the new Initiates gather with us at the Masters' Retreat on Tython. An introduction is given, and a few visual displays happen. Then, the entire procession moves by walking to the taxi, then from the next taxi to the temple's upstairs combat-training room, where duels occur - to "measure the training and potential of new Initiates". Then, a short walk again occurs, but only over to the Jedi Archives. The names of the new members are "inscribed" into the Archives, and the guild's RP rules and some basic Code of Conduct stuff is covered.

Always looking for improvements, but I don't expect much change, here. Different eras of the guild since 2011 have used different locations on Tython, including the combat areas outside the temple for phase 2, and using the guild Stronghold for phase 3 - to avoid trolls. However, if anyone can suggest something to spice up these time-honored weekly events (mostly on-going since 2004!) that have been the backbone of the Order's weekly agenda, then I'm all ears!

EVENT TYPE THREE: Community Comic Book Photoshoots

(No image, as the first of these is to take place this Saturday - very shortly after the weekly Jedi Initiation Ceremony!)

There have been efforts in our community (and obviously others) to assemble either a regular or a limited-edition "comic book", using in-game screenshots with post-editing chat bubbles. Our community will gather this weekend to do an all-faction shoot between all 6 of our guilds on Planet Alderaan. If anyone has experience or would even want to come along, look for me Saturday evening around 10pm EST in-game as Ahlvis. I'll be testing out camera angles and making arrangements and formations with any of our community members in-attendance. Yours truly has no previous experience with such an endeavor, and am therefore seeking out the experience of anyone else who possibly formerly has.

Again, both suggestions and actual in-game help with these events is much appreciated. Yours truly has hosted hundreds of player-events over time, and I know it's possible to miss a small detail that greatly improves the enjoyment and liveliness of some in-game events.

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