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IT all depends to whether the shield from brainstorm is bugged or not
It's not "bugged", it's just poorly designed. Most defensive abilities are percentage based so they scale as you advance. Blade Barricade, for example, is a 6% defense boost, so as your defense abilities increase so does that defense ability. But Blade Barrier (which can proc off of Blade Storm with the proper skills) is a flat damage absorption ability. When you first acquire it, it's not bad, but once you get into higher levels it loses effectiveness. By the time you hit level 50 your enemies are doing so much damage it can't stand up to a single hit so you might as well not have it.

If it gets changed to scale in some way, maybe it absorbs an amount of damage up to 10% of your maximum health, then it might be worth getting. But right now it's trash at the upper levels.