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^^ Maybe I should use that as a sig .
Well, you don't have one yet, so "if shoe fits... wear it!" -Chekhov

Hey Diviciacus, just chiming in to say great story thus far and hope to see more.
Holy crap it's Feldraeth! Hi!

I liked your impression of Vemrin, in all his awful teenage angsty glory (and arrogant overconfidence - throwing a weapon at a stranger on Korriban could be incredibly unwise)
Thanks! It always struck me as strange that Vemrin acts like he runs the Academy. I tried to think of a personality that would cause that kind of skewed thinking, and I suppose of course someone in their late teens/early twenties who suddenly had power would do it.

She's been here less than a day and there's already plotting and intrigue... which Baras is behind. Of course he is
*cue Master of Puppets* They say rumors travel faster than hyperspace.

Courier Miaslaznia (can't go with any short names) - why am I reminded of Brooks from Mass Effect 3: Citadel. She doesn't turn out to be the agent by any chance? (SFC prompt archive reveals you have Ethli'vaendis'kiona, but that you rarely play her).
Miaslaznia is actually a reference to the Forgotten Realms; There's a quest in Neverwinter Nights that makes you go around and find things from some people who founded the eponymous city hidden in places, and the name is mentioned. Considering the fetch-quest nature of it I thought it terribly amusing to incorporate. I've also never played any of the ME games so I couldn't say. And Core-name Vaendis is indeed an Agent.

I was also amused by the ending with Defixiones and her past misadventure with clingy Klemral.
I thought a bit of silliness might be in order.

Overall though, I like Authenta's character and could practically hear Natasha Little's voice when Authenta speaks.
I try very hard to make my warrior sound right, I'm glad it works!

She's proud and arrogant but cares about the 'little people'. Her takeaway from the station wasn't how the Sith nearly killed her or tried to compel her into his bed, it was that he murdered the two in the bar. That isn't to say she's soft hearted or weak, but it's a refreshing pace from all the DS V warriors I've seen in the last few weeks (thanks a lot DvL). Finally, I loved her racial dark side resilience as it makes perfect sense especially for a warrior whose force powers are largely based around buffing themselves .
One thing I've noticed about going vaguely LS on my Warrior over the past year is how much it seems to reflect a particular quote from one of R. A. Salvatore's Drizzt novels. In one of the little journal-type interludes, Drizzt is writing about Artemis Entreri and he says something along the lines of "I am sure that, in his mind, he has never killed a man whom he did not think deserved to die."

Finally, of course, a heartfelt thank you for reading my story! I'm stupendously stoked that people are enjoying it! *Happy dance* *trips and dies*
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Conquering the Darkest Places, the ongoing misadventures of a Sith doing what's right by her.