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If that isn't how it works you will have to tell my 3 healers that. I got all their healing gear on my madness sorc. The gear that drops from crates is dependent on your selected role not your actual discipline.

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It sucks leveling a healer as a healer. Things don't die fast enough or if you do the damage your comp needs to do the healing and neither way is efficient for solo content. Sure it is solo so it doesn't matter how long it takes unless you have a limited time to play each week. Having 1 high level toon that is already geared out that can grind tier 4 gear helps. As a parent of a very young child I only get an hour a day to play now so every efficiency I can find I use.
The only determining factor beyond your advanced class for the command crate rolls is the group content role you identify your self as. This went into place in 4.0 with the dark vs light stuff and it is still in place as part of the command crate system. If you haven't tried it yet do your self a favor and switch your personal role to the role for your class that you are not playing and do a few dailies to get a few command crates. Open them and see what they are dropping gear for. All set gear that drops will be for your choice of discipline not your actual path that you have opted into. If you do the same with both choices the crates will drop gear for either.
I too am the parent of a young child and there is so much incorrect information here.
  1. You do not have to assign your role in solo content. You can choose healer in activity finder and stay in a damage dealing discipline while you work on, say, solo planetary heroics or solo daily areas. You don't actually get your heal abilities on your toolbar until you actually change your discipline. Selecting your role in activity finder does not affect that.
  2. choosing a role in activity finder has no effect on what comes out of a command crate. This is easy to test, and it is a fact, and is working as intended, as I just opened command crates this morning. I don't need to provide screenshots, everyone else knows this as fact. If you don't believe me, go ahead and abandon your current discipline and exit out of the window without selecting a new one. Any command crates in your inventory will be darkened and you will be unable to open them until you select a discipline.
  3. Command crates came with Galactic Command, which came with 5.0, not 4.0. So did the Dark vs. Light system of galaxy-wide victory states.

Command crate results once opened (and renown crates when they come in 6.0) are determined by your active discipline. This is why they are darkened in your inventory, and cannot be opened, unless you have a discipline active.
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