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Finally got around to looking through this again, so I'll leave a couple of notes here.

Full Corruption spec:
Never cast Revivification without Force Bending. I learned this from PVE, but 30% off that ability is too much to not save force bending for this.

I'd skip out on Lucidity to get the extra 4% AOE for puddle and take the extra 2% on all heals. The only reason you are getting pushback is if you're getting hit and at that point you should be switching to survival mode (KB, Force Speed, CC) not casting heals. Anything that makes your healing better is good in this spec imo.

Sometimes you are going to get focused right out of the gate. Hiding and kiting can be good tactics, but won't work against skilled opponents or focus fire. Don't be afraid to dump as much force as possible into healing and don't waste GCDs on Consumption knowing you won't live to see the benefits. As a general rule, I never use consumption unless I'm a) already oof or b) being completely ignored. Not only are you killing yourself for them, it is wasting precious GCDs that are better allocated to healing in the limited amount of time you will be alive.

If you are clicking abilities (outside of say buffs or the like that aren't used in battle) then you are doing something wrong. Sorcs really don't have nearly as many keybinds as other classes and you should have all of them ready. If you haven't unbound A and D yet, then it better be for space combat. Dont use them, EVER. Mouse turning is the way to go, if you need to click on something (most likely someone in the ops fram) then strafe until you have your mouse cursor available to turn again. You can unbind S if you need the keybind, but it's not necessary as long as you don't use it during warzones. I use backpedal outside of actual gameplay for positioning at times. I swear, I lose 10 brain cells every time I see a sorc force speed in reverse.

Your ops frame should be big. Not taking up the whole screen big, but bigger than anything else. Since you aren't clicking abilities, your hotbars should only be big enough to be able to tell if abilities are on CD and you should know which ones are which without having to look too closely anyway. Turn on CD text, you shouldn't be guessing at how long you have to wait for innervate to be back up based on a slowly dropping white highlighting.

General play:
As is obvious from the rotations listed, Static Barrier is the best heal we have bar none. Even without stun capability, it gives you the chance to prepare ahead of time and will only overheal if you put it on someone who is never attacked. If you are kiting and can't get any other heal off or know you are going to die, just bubble the crap out of anyone around you.

If you are playing in such a way that you could keyboard turn and click all of your abilities without a problem then you could be doing it better. Just because you CAN stand still and cast heals off at whoever doesn't mean it is the right thing to do. Keep on the move to avoid attracting attention.

We aren't DPS, so sometimes the right thing to do with a GCD is nothing at all. Overhealing is the biggest mistake you can make with the poor force management we get (full Corruption especially). Don't drop a DI on someone at 85% health unless they are under fire and you know that the DI will be needed by the time it is casted. Keep track of who has a bubble on them still after a fight starts. It's an easy way to tell who is getting focused and who is being left alone (hint, your bubble is probably gone ).

That's all I have for now, but I'll post any other thoughts I have.
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