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I have no idea of where to post this, but since you are talking about Nautolans skin... There should be more options.. like a purple and pink one (I think those are okay with the canon)..
There's pink and purple skin options in the concept art for character creation shown when they announced them.

Now that you mention I don't recall seeing pink in the character creator but there was a very pale one. Maybe that was pink. And maybe what to me what looked like a deep blue would have been purple in game. I didn't check either of those out in game.

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and a clean face complexion.. I do not have idea why the complexion options are always so ugly.. kills my character clean Jedi vibes.. If there somewhere we could ask for this?? since is still on PTS I hope they would be open to some changes and subjections..
I also prefer a plain face complexion, but I'm pretty sure there was one.

It's generally but not always the first one. It isn't for twi'leks and for Nautolans I think it was number 5.