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We are on a PVE server not a PVP server. I never even see 50's camping low level planets. I did used to see a Trooper on Ilum in the morning camping the Heroic's and healing the NPC's or standing in your AOE's to flag you than kill you.
Other than that the last Open World PVP I saw was Outlaws Den for the HK part, That was mostly 50's too and our guild camped the Jawa to keep it from the republic (at least until someone on the empire side started attacking us after walking into a smash). The Crying and the amount of people saying they are going to report us went on for days.
Im not saying to go full on PvP action but travelling around several planets PvP flagged and meeting loads of Imp's and none of them take a shot at me? Thats kinda "Ugh, really?"

Yea Ive seen them griefing on Ilum (both sides) a lot as well. Kinda annoying
The HK part is the funniest thing ever. I went in and there were 5 Imps waiting and slashed me down. Little did they know I was merely a scout for my Ops group which had 12 people or something, that was brilliant. But thats what open world PvP should be about! Its like gangwars and things like that and it doesnt happen nearly enough

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It's only griefing when people heal NPC's (that the opposite faction have to kill in daily areas), cloak themselves while flagged and run into a questing player's AOE who's killing a bunch of mobs, etc.

I've been on the receiving end of these tactics many a time and I don't particularly like being forced into PVP, but it's something we have to deal with.
Ugh I hate it when they force flag people, they do it sometimes when killing Nightmare Pelgrim and its annoying as hell. I usually just take one other DPS and strike them down but it really messes up the rotation
Same happens to Dreadtooth btw

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I've been yelled at via /say for killing pubs in the black hole...they told me I would be reported for griefing as simply being on "their side" of the instance was a violation of the TOS or something. Meh, they were flagged and I didn't flag them. But there are many, many ppl on the server who seem opposed to the idea of world pvp let alone participating...and all of the ones I've seen have been pubs
Pfff me and a buddy sometimes go into the Imp side just to see if anyone is flagged and then jump em, we then stick around to see if they come back with back-up :P
People dont really see the fun in it I think which is a shame
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