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Ok whats up with this?
On my Sage I ran from Nar Shadaa till Corellia as PvP flagged and only once was I attacked, on Hoth. Same with any other toon I flag, hardly anybody attacks! All the open world PvP I see is 50's who camp lowlevel planets and grief lowbies (then the lowbies call in the cavelry and we pwn them, Im looking at you Sparoww)

We need more people actually fighting!
We are on a PVE server not a PVP server. I never even see 50's camping low level planets. I did used to see a Trooper on Ilum in the morning camping the Heroic's and healing the NPC's or standing in your AOE's to flag you than kill you.
Other than that the last Open World PVP I saw was Outlaws Den for the HK part, That was mostly 50's too and our guild camped the Jawa to keep it from the republic (at least until someone on the empire side started attacking us after walking into a smash). The Crying and the amount of people saying they are going to report us went on for days.