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12.02.2012 , 06:36 AM | #393
I can't believe they gave corner/wall hugging as something to use. Obviously other ranged classes can also do that, BUT they also have even more tools to deal with melee, defensive cooldowns, and/or good mobility. Couple changes I would do:
  • Barrage procs allow that Unload to be castable while moving. This gives us a snare on the move (FINALLY) and some damage mobility.
  • Lower Thermal Sensor and Power Surge CD's to 1 min. Or Allow them to have stacks to give the next 3 or so abilities to get the effect.
  • Move the PowerShield talent in Bodyguard tree to switch with Superchaged Gas.
These changes wouldn't be very difficult IMO, but would really improve gameplay of the class.
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