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07.10.2019 , 03:34 AM | #12
My best selling crafted dyes are combinations of red and black together. They are the highest demanded dyes and can usually be sold for 80-100k each if idiots are trying to be the cheapest on the GTN and drive the price into the ground.

It always blows my mind that these dyes ever go below 70k because even when they are at 80k, I have trouble keeping up with demand and that’s with other people listing around the same prices. (I use 2 lvl 50 comps to make them too).

When I see them drop below 70k I stop listing till they go back up because it’s a waste of resources and time when I can make and sell half as many and make more profit in the long run.
When the price goes below 50k, I just buy the lot and relist later.