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True, but it is even simpler then this in the context of the "protect the children" meme ----> there are already consumer safeguards in place that demonstrate reasonable diligence by corporations........ you cannot purchase or access without a valid credit or debit card.. and consumer protections are structured around parents responsibility in this regard. If a parent does not want their child exposed to such things.. then don't give the child credit/debit access to be able to make unsupervised transactions.

And for the "protect the addicted to gambling" meme.... it has been well established that as long as a company is conducting business in a commercially ethical manner (sorry... personal player moral opinions do not decide this) and take steps to both encourage and warn players to ----> play responsibly.... the actual protect the addicted aspect rests with the adult accessing said service or product.

You can note in the US the following on any commercial or other advertisement for casinos: Please gamble responsibly... if you feel you have a gambling problem, please contact <they insert a gambling addiction hotline number here>. This is exactly the same with any commercial or other advertisement for alcohol too... and in the states that now have legal recreational MMJ... same thing. Point being... a company is not responsible for your addictions, they are only responsible for being prudent about what they sell and how they sell it. The actual sale however, rests on the buyer.

A business offering a completely legal product or service that triggers your addiction behavior... is not their responsibility and unless you can clearly demonstrate in court that they are derelict of basic commercial responsibility and practices (sorry... violating your personal moral view is not grounds) ... any claims against the company are groundless.

Please Note: my above comments are not a moral statement.. it is a commercial statement. If you have moral objections to a product of service... do not participate, but if you insist on participating anyway....and you feel laws must be changed to fit your moral narrative... then you are under the whim and will of your local legislators.
Legally they have a way around it that being said most these gambling systems are also behind an age gate, the topic that seems to be the main focus is more to do with mental health and grooming are companies using these practices to get kids addicted to gambling and exploit them? and what is the governments and companies social responsibility I think the most that will happen is games will have to be rated 18+ if they have lootboxes and the odds will have to be mentioned like in any other gambling game.