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To start off I don't think Disney is against it I would be surprised if they was this is about public image and not what other companies are doing.... Disney is a family brand and they don't want their brand on the news weekly being mentioned in the same breath as predatory practices aimed towards children...

For them their long term brand image is more important than a deal with EA and if it costs them millions to get out of a deal so they can simply put a positive spin on the negative news towards their brand they will do it that is all I was saying this is about money and supporting this system is not worth the damage to their brand they are not stupid.
I understand... but I also think you need to step back a bit and look at this more objectively. Yes.. Disney has historically been a "family values" brand. But that was diminished long ago when they started producing and publishing content for adult audiences... not to mention their buying up violent comic book based IP and studios all over the world and then proliferating entertainment products for the IP under the Disney label. Disney is NOT all about Mickey and his hoard of cartoon characters anymore. Most of their revenue is generated from entertainment services that are designed for adults. Yes.. they still produce for the child and teen audiences.. but unlike 50 years ago.. this is no longer Disneys revenue core to their business.

By the way.. one of the reasons I believe Disney terminated all game development capabilities of LucasArts when they acquired it is precisely because they prefer said revenue streams to be branded under 3rd party studios. This is not only practical (Disney has no similar publishing capabilities and recognition with consumers that EA, Blizzard, etc have) it also allows them to partition their revenue under different branding. Note that all the consumer rage about BF2 is directed at EA... not Disney. EA IS Disneys "branding cut out" in this context and saves them the investement and effort to develop a "Disney Games" branding (though they are doing some of this still in the mobile gaming space).
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