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You do know that every major studio is doing some version of random loot boxes, micro-transactions, etc?

In other words... if that offends Disneys sensibilities... then they have to step out of gaming completely. But there is absolutely zero evidence anywhere at this point in time that Disney is against the practice, nor willing to terminate contracts over it. Why? Because they understand that the only reason these exist is because they are VERY popular with many players of video games.

As for alleged legislation over "loot boxes".. that was a publicity flash by a few politicians.. and will end up going nowhere, right? The worst case is companies just adjust the implementation to skirt objections by any legislators. This pressing of this claim about legislation is simply an emotional latching-on by those that don't like random loot boxes (even those that drop in game and cannot actually be purchased).
To start off I don't think Disney is against it I would be surprised if they was this is about public image and not what other companies are doing.... Disney is a family brand and they don't want their brand on the news weekly being mentioned in the same breath as predatory practices aimed towards children...

For them their long term brand image is more important than a deal with EA and if it costs them millions to get out of a deal so they can simply put a positive spin on the negative news towards their brand they will do it that is all I was saying this is about money and supporting this system is not worth the damage to their brand they are not stupid.