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They seem to have balanced out, I will admit, but several missions yielded rewards that were substantially subpar.
That's been the case since late beta. In fact, I had a slicer go broke due to a string of poor misson rewards one time, even before the beta slicing nerf, back when slicing was a licence to print money.

Part of the reaction to this is because after every patch, someone starts asking these same questions. It's usually someone that had a string of bad luck. Without showing a decent data sample, some people will tend to assume that this is more of the same. I'm not knocking the fact that someone came to the forums and asked if anyone else is seeing the same thing, that's a reasonable step. On the other hand, don't expect anyone to go out of their way to prove or disprove it if you're not bringing some actual data.

I can only remember two actual times since launch that that assumption was incorrect. One time, the nerf was added to the patch notes, and the other time, it was a bug that was fixed about a week after someone managed to document it well enough that the devs could see what's happening.

That latter occurrence has some important lessons (though admittedly they don't directly apply here). Basically, people started saying that they were losing credits on slicing missions. This went on for several days, until Dulfy collected enough data to show exactly what had happened. Green quality credit cases were returning an average of 60% of what they were before the patch, which meant that they were returning less than white cases of the same level. This detailed information got posted, the devs took a look at it, and within 24 hours said that they had found the problem. It got fixed in an unscheduled maintenance about a week later.

Basically, when you're talking about credit returns on slicing missions, you have to think about thinks from a statistical point of view. Sizes of data sets, testing methods, etc. Without that, it's all anecdotal, and everyone has their own view and recollections. For what it's worth, when 1.4 bumped up the character-per-server limit, I rolled 4 new characters and took slicing on every one of them. None of them got rich, but they all better than broke even in the long run even before selling any bonus returns on the GTN. My existing slicers have continued to have normal returns, crits, mission discoveries, etc. In fact, because of the bug on rich-or-better returns, my piles of unrun missions is getting to be annoying. I'm at somewhere around 30 of the 340-level UWT missions, 20 340-level slicing missions (or I was before I started selling them off). These are all pretty normal amounts for just over a week