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10.04.2012 , 05:52 AM | #12
BW got wrong understanding about "money printing", after tons of jelly peoples moaned on the forums.
Lets put it simple, players investing CREDITS and TIME for making profit, so at least missions should return same amount of credits if mission fails because TIME is lost already any way.
Do devs getting paid for their jobs or they pay to have a job? Turning slicing in to lottery is bad idea, peoples get fed up, you know.
Forcing peoples trading missions on GTN is yet another wrong conception. Now after servers consolidation, I personally don't want trade there any more because under cutting. And because players have pay some idiotic fee for creating trade. That is even more credits loss, if peoples want cancel trade.

You can make more credits and faster buy trashing 10 levels lower 4 man HC over and over again. And that fuels pretty well my mission needs for mission only materials.
Forget slicing, after nert it is totally pointless crew skill, mobs seem to dropping every thing, including augment schematics.
BW tried copy WoW so hard but they forgot copy WoW's most important feature, very good balance between easy and hard. Players looking for entertainment, not for second job.
May the grind be with you.